Game QA (Part-time)
Location: Hong Kong

Nex, maker of the award-winning basketball training app HomeCourt, is branching out into a new world of motion entertainment. We’re a group of deeply experienced former Apple, Google, and Facebook innovators that build rich, engaging and gamified experiences using ground-breaking AI and computer vision technology.

We’re combining the digital and physical worlds to help everyone move their bodies, and have fun while they do it. Through advanced AR experiences, we’re developing immersive gameplay where players can use their bodies as if they’re in a video game.

Job description:

Tired of being a couch potato and wanting to have a fun sweat-breaking experience? Fear not; we got something that may help you. We are looking for an individual who will rise to the challenge of breaking our games. You read that correctly. Break. Our. Games.

In this role, your quest is to play our games and share with us your thoughts and opinions on them. We don’t bite; we promise! We always love feedback so do give us your raw, honest comments.

We will give you a virtual high-five if you report any problems, errors, bugs or challenges faced in the game experience or in the designs to throw back at the team

What we need from you:
  • A detailed mind
  • Passion towards games
  • To not shy away from giving your honest feedback
  • Good command of spoken English
What is in it for you:
  • Get exposed to a fun start-up game tech environment
  • Have an impact and a voice on the games that are still under development
  • We also provide many opportunities for you to grow and soak up valuable experiences

Nex is located in Hong Kong and San Jose, California, USA, you can learn more about us at

Please email your resume or questions to with the subject "Game QA (Part-time) - Hong Kong" and we will be in touch!