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no console,
no remote,
just your body.

Drop the clunky hardware and get the party started with just your phone, tablet or PC. Party Fowl uses your device’s camera to put you and your opponent inside the game. Fly a helicopter with your hips, squat to lay an egg, and flap your wings to feed a chicken.

Party Fowl is also super simple to set up. Just set your device down so that you and your opponent are visible in the front-facing camera. For a more immersive experience, screencast your device to a TV.

Party Fowl Heli CharacterSimple and easy setup.
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compete in 20+ mini-games.

With a large collection of mini games that’s constantly expanding, everyone has a chance to reign supreme or make a total fool of themselves. Each game is as goofy and chaotic as the next. Whether it’s Cat Stack, Viking Volleyball or Cookie Catastrophe, Party Fowl has something for everyone!

Fun mini-games for everyone.
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Silly in victory, hilarious in defeat.

Party Fowl was created with three main objectives in mind: Get people moving, make them laugh, and provide them with an outlet to let loose and embrace their silliest selves. Win, lose, or draw, the laughter and memorable moments is what this game is all about.

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Party Fowl is available for download on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Steam Store.

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