Imagine a New World of Play

Nex believes that physical play is essential. It’s fun, social, and the most natural way to be physically active. Which is why we create immersive games and experiences that transform your world into play.

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We Build Games That Move You

Nex creates motion games and entertainment that makes moving fun again. Discover entirely new types of games that are only possible with motion. Now everyone can play like they were born to play.

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Powered by Motion

Nex uses advanced motion technology on smart devices with cameras to enable live, sensor-free motion tracking. Our tech gives you the freedom to move naturally, making you feel like you've got superpowers.

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Nex has developed award-winning technology for motion tracking

On Just About Any Device

Nex’s goal is to bring the joy of movement to every home across the globe. That's why we've made Nex games work on just about any device with a camera.

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Including Smart TVs

And We Made Something Just for Fun

Introducing Nex Playground. The first device of its kind that transforms your living room into an active play space.

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Create a Movement

If you’re passionate about reinventing how the world plays, then let's build something great together. We've created the Nex Motion Development Kit (MDK), so we can start a movement together.

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